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Electrolysis plate

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Fingerprint resistant electrolytic plate



Introduction of electrolytic plate (electro galvanized plate): electrolytic plate, also known as electro galvanized plate, is the process of forming a uniform, dense and well combined metal or alloy deposit layer on the surface of the workpiece by electrolysis. Compared with other metals, zinc is relatively cheap and easy to be coated, which is a low value anti-corrosion electroplated coating. It is widely used to protect steel parts, especially to prevent atmospheric corrosion, and for decoration. Plating technology includes bath plating (or hanging plating), roll plating (suitable for small parts), automatic plating and continuous plating (suitable for wire and strip).


Electrolytic plate is rolled by cold continuous rolling mill and annealed by CAPL mill, then it enters into galvanizing machine. After surface cleaning and electroplating, it can be phosphated, passivated, oiled, fingerprint resistant and alloyed according to different purposes.